Laughter and Tears

Elizabeth Charlesworth & Nigel Gyte
Group type: Soloists
  • Sunday 12 May
    4.15 – 5.30pm
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A Programme of Contrasts

It is a pleasure to welcome Nigel Gyte back to Hoylandswaine. Nigel has been the mainstay of choral societies in Rotherham and Sheffield, as well as playing keyboard for visiting professional productions of Blood Brothers, Sing Live UK and for Keith Roe in his Musical Cavalcade. It is a privilege to work with him on this wonderful repertoire of German and French songs.

It is all about contrast and takes its title from Schubert’s song Lachen und Weinen, laughing and weeping. His fingerprint of contrasting major and minor keys shows how the two are closely linked. Night is not anything without day: Strauss’ Traum durch die Dämmerung (twilight dream) contrasts with Vaughan Williams’ Silent Noon.

Every greeting has its farewell, but not all callers are welcome – the young girl sends her suitor away with a flea in his ear - Vergebliches Ständchen by Brahms. In Fauré’s Les Berceaux (the cradles), the women wave their menfolk off to sea.

Solitude is often sought at the end of the day – Schubert’s Der Einsame (the recluse) relishes his welcoming fireside, but for those who prefer parties, we have Fauré’s Mandoline.


Elizabeth Charlesworth (soprano) and Nigel Gyte (piano)


  • Schubert: Lachen und Weinen
  • Schubert: Seligkeit
  • Schubert: Der Einsame
  • Schumann: Mondnacht
  • Brahms: Vergebliches Standchen
  • Brahms: Feldeinsamkeit
  • Fauré: Mandoline
  • Fauré: Les Berceaux
  • Fauré: En Sourdine
  • Strauss : Traum durch die Dämmerung
  • Duparc: Chanson triste
  • Vaughan Williams: Silent Noon
  • Parry: My Heart is like a Singing Bird
  • Quilter: Weep you no more Sad Fountains
  • Quilter: Moonlight
  • Quilter: O Mistress \Mine
  • Moeran: The Cottager

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