ad agio workshops: Performance Anxiety - a new approach, with Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence
  • Saturday 3 October
    1.00 – 4.00pm

​Come and find out how your performance anxiety can transform you as a musician.

ad agio ('at ease') is a workshop series aimed at musicians to help you play and perform in a more relaxed and comfortable way, both physically and mentally. The upcoming October series consists of one in-person workshop and four online sessions. Workshops cost £25 per participant, with discounts for booking all the workshops in one series together. Places must be booked in advance using the booking form.

Martin Lawrence is a horn player in the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, a musical coach and has just completed a PhD researching performance anxiety. Martin's research has led him to a thought-provoking conclusion: Your performance anxiety is a new and interesting musician trying to get out! Following a popular online workshop with us in July, Martin is returning to run another session in-person (hopefully!) in Sheffield.

​Come and find out how your performance anxiety can transform you as a musician. We can work with your performance anxiety to find out what it means for you. We won’t suppress any symptoms, we will bring them out, play with them, take them on a ride to find their hidden message - a message that could help you be the musician you always wanted to be! Performance anxiety can be the key to your artistic development. In this workshop, Martin will work one-to-one with three musicians whilst other attendees observe, learn, contribute and discuss.

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