Beethoven in Context

Elizabeth Charlesworth & High Finnigan
Group type: Soloists
  • Friday 6 March, 2020
    1.10 – 2.00pm
  • Sunday 15 March
    4.00 – 5.30pm
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Songs that Beethoven would have encountered, plus a handful of his own creation

Beethoven revered Handel and considered the study of his music essential to serious musicians. He took lessons from Haydn, met Mozart when he was just a young child himself, and Schubert held him in awe. We present some of Beethoven's own songs among those of all these 'greats'


Elizabeth Charlesworth (soprano) and High Finnigan (piano)


  • Handel: So shall my sin-stain'd soul (2nd Passion)
  • Haydn: The Shepherd's Song
  • Mozart: Abendempfindung
  • Das Veilchen
  • Beethoven: An die Hoffnung
  • Ich liebe dich
  • Feuerfarb
  • Schubert: An die Musik
  • An die Nachtigall

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