Concerteenies: Jess and Richard Arrowsmith (0-3s)

Richard and Jess Arrowsmith
  • Thursday 12 March, 2020
    10.30 – 11.15am
  • 11.45am - 12.30pm
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Live music for young children and their grown-ups with sensory engagement

Join Sheffield based folk singers and instrumentalists, Jess and Richard Arrowsmith, who perform as a duo and with bands Melrose Quartet and Hekety. Their Concerteenies show will feature Richard's melodeons and Jess's fiddle and bring you a broad mixture of traditional and contemporary folk songs and tunes alongside a selection from their popular Nursery Rhymes CDs "Off We Go!" and "Off we Go Again!". With bubbles, percussion, props and informal introductions, this is an ideal opportunity to hear inspirational musicians up-close.


Richard and Jess Arrowsmith (Multi)


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