Concerteenies: Marimba (pre-crawlers)

Janet Fulton
  • Monday 23 March, 2020
    10.00 – 10.45am
  • 11.15am - 12 noon
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This special series aims to give you and your very little ones (pre-crawlers) a relaxing and inspiring concert experience, within the beautiful setting of Whirlow Spirituality Centre. Janet Fulton will play beautiful Marimba music weaving in well-loved classical music, nursery rhymes and lullabies - there won't be many spoken introductions to the music nor formal applause. We encourage you to bring a blanket and a pillow so you and your little can enjoy a lie on the floor - maybe even a little sleep! There will also be gentle sensory elements encorporating sound, sight, touch, including bubbles, scarves, feathers and simple baby massage techniques for you to explore with your little one at your own pace. Sit in the relaxing lounge or gardens after the concert for a free coffee or a selection of teas and enjoy a calm catch up with fellow new parents.

Janet is Principal Percussionist of the Manchester Camerata but she has recently been touring with Hacienda Classical including opening Glastonbury on the Pyramid stage in 2017 to 65.000 people, performing at the Isle of Wight Festival and a couple of nights at Dubai Opera House. She reckons she has played live to over 150,000 people this year, many of whom would not have heard an orchestra live before. She is hugely passionate about working with people with dementia and with special educational needs and regularly in works in schools and universities, including Leeds College of Music and Huddersfield University. She passionately believes that music is as important a language to humankind as any other, and is as necessary to be taught in school as English and Maths (and had a letter published in The Times making that exact point). When not touring around the country she lives in North Yorkshire, and is on call 24/7 when at home as a Community First Responder for the Ambulance Service.


Janet Fulton (Marimba)

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