Wonder Women: Muses, Queens and Warriors

Bones Apart Trombone Quartet

Bones Apart Trombone Quartet play an eclectic programme showcasing female trailblazers in music

Bones Apart performed at Bradfield in 2014, and we are delighted that they can return in 2020.

Bones Apart is a highly acclaimed trombone quartet based in the UK. Since its inception in 1999, the quartet has rapidly gained international recognition as a leading ensemble in brass chamber music. The group has performed its unique and diverse repertoire to audiences worldwide. bring together a wealth of performing experience at the highest level, from symphony and chamber orchestra, early and contemporary music, to brass band and jazz.

This evening, Bones Apart will perform:

“Wonder Women: Muses, Queens and Warriors”

‘Wonder Women’ is an eclectic programme showcasing female trailblazers in music and history. Including music by Hildegard von Bingen, Lili and Nadia Boulanger, Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone, and exploring colourful characters from Boudicca to Calamity Jane.

Also performing this evening will be two outstanding young musicians from the Sheffield Music Hub.


Bones Apart Trombone Quartet (Trombone)

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