Intro to Viola: Taster Session

Sheffield Viola Ensemble
Group type: Ensembles
  • Sunday 25 September
    2.00 – 4.00pm
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An introductory group session for adult string players curious to try playing the viola

Tutor: Jenny Jackson (Sheffield Viola Ensemble)

A limited number of violas will be available to use on the day (£7 hire fee - subject to availability).

The session is aimed at adult string players of all levels of ability, with no previous experience of playing the viola.

This taster session will give you the opportunity to try playing the viola without having to commit to buying an instrument, abandoning your current instrument, or finding a teacher. You will experience the practical side of holding, bowing and fingering the instrument, and get to know the basic principles of playing on different strings whilst reading from the alto clef.

Fingers and notes will be introduced step-by-step on each of the four strings, working together as a group. We will play notes in first position only to make sure intonation and note-reading is secure. By the end of the session you will be able to play simple tunes and short ensemble arrangements in multiple parts, progressing at a pace to suit you.

Violinists should be confident with bow-hold and finger spacings in first position: aspects which will easily be transferred to the larger instrument. Cello players will have to adapt their bow-hold and fingerings slightly, and learn how to hold the instrument. All players should understand how to read basic staff notation in simple keys and time signatures. ***The session is not suitable for absolute beginners***

If you decide to continue on your viola journey after the session, there is an option to hire a viola @£20 per term from Rotherham Music Hub (subject to availability). You could join First Position Strings to develop your ensemble-playing skills while you become more proficient on the instrument. You may decide to find a teacher and have lessons. In time, you may be ready to join the Sheffield Viola Ensemble, form a string quartet, or become a member of one of the region's many orchestras...

Look out for the Beginners Viola Ensemble, starting in the Autumn 2022 (to be confirmed).

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