Spirit of the Cemetery with Sonority Choir

Group type: Chamber choirs
  • Sunday 22 October
    5.15 – 6.15pm
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Join us for a very special immersive outdoor performance with Sonority Choir to launch our new photographic book, Sheffield General Cemetery – Then & Now.

Walk our paths and discover choral songs inspired by stories from our beloved Garden of the Dead. You’ll hear sounds and tales which will breathe life into the hidden and nearly forgotten so we can remember together.

Formed by Caroline Hallam in October 2019, Sonority is an a vocal group set up to explore the wealth of music written specifically for female voices. No props, microphones or gimmicks, the group brings together passionate singers to create innovative, unforgettable and moving live performances.

‘We believe that sounds and space are interlinked and they intrinsically effect each other. Music can transform a space so that the audience experiences the music in a new way and at the same time sees the surroundings in a new light.’

– Caroline Hallam

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