Brigantes Orchestra

Sheffield's Professional Symphony Orchestra

'...this performance was a triumph. [Quentin] Clare gave the orchestral solos time and space to breath and, above all, secured beautifully balanced textures.' THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

'The players really attacked the work bringing plenty of warmth, colour and vibrancy… …[they] conveyed beautiful emotional depth.' THE SHEFFIELD TELEGRAPH

The original Brigantes (Brig-ant-ez) were a Celtic people; a collection of tribes ruled by Queen Cartimandua in 1st Century Northern England. They populated what is now Yorkshire.

Literally meaning 'high ones', possibly in the sense of nobility or as highlanders living on the Pennines or in hillforts, the Brigantes were both tribal and cultured, enjoying theatre and music. The Brigantes Orchestra encapsulates location, culture, unity and the idea that an ensemble is, roughly speaking, a tribe of musicians.

The Brigantes Orchestra was formed and is conducted by music director, Quentin Clare. They gave their first concerts in Sheffield in 2019. Audiences can look forward to high-energy, beautiful performances by local, talented professional musicians.

photography by
Eduardus Lee

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