Classical Sheffield responds to ban on singing

Trustees have written to Ministers and MPs about the ban on singing in groups of more than six

Classical Sheffield has written to relevant Ministers and to various MPs about the recent ban on singing in groups of more than six, published as part of the recent relaxation in Covid-19 restrictions. 'The news, published on Monday 17 May, that amateur music groups could at long last meet to rehearse was wonderful' said Chair Jo Towler, 'But we had such a shock when, the following day, the Department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) published details for performing arts organisations, making clear that an exception was being made for choirs'.

This exception had not been announced or even hinted at previously, and has come as a devastating blow to choirs up and down the country, many of which had worked hard to prepare to re-commence small-group (up to 30) rehearsals from Monday 17th May 2021. Although the advice is not legally binding, Making Music reports that choirs would almost certainly find their insurance invalidated were they to ignore the advice by singing in groups of more than 6.

Classical Sheffield has written to Ministers and to MPs about the situation, pointing out that, since choirs were allowed to rehearse in groups of up to 30 last year, at a time when Covid incidence was high and the number of people vaccinated very low, and that this did not result in any upsurge in case numbers among choir members, it doesn't make sense to place more stringent restrictions on choirs now. A number of Trustees have written to their own MPs, and the Chair has sent a Press Release to local media outlets.

For more information see the Making Music website:
For the most updated guidance from DCMS regarding rehearsals and performances, you can go directly to their website HERE.

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