Anne Adams


Anne has been involved with Classical Sheffield since the beginning. Her enthusiasm for Sheffield's music scene is only surpassed by her dedication to music itself. She sings in Sheffield Bach Choir and Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus and is a prolific Twitter-rer!

So, what do you do as a musician in Sheffield?

I sing in the Sheffield Bach Choir and the Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus.

What's your most memorable musical experience in the city?

Hmmm that's a difficult one. I was pretty knocked out when I heard John Martyn at the Student's Union in the early 70s, and by Eric Clapton at the City Hall about 20 years later. But I also remember two particularly fantastic classical concerts at the City Hall - Bryn Terfel and Nicola Benedetti - and the two Classical Sheffield festivals were amazing too.

Which 3 musical guests would you invite to your dream dinner party and why?

I'd definitely invite the young Lithuanian conductor Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla; I saw her at the Proms this year and she was electrifying - I'd love to meet her, she's sooo talented, did you know she didn't play an instrument, she just went straight into conducting and was winning awards almost at once - and she has such passion!

I'd invite Nicola Benedetti as I love her playing and very much admire the work she does with young musicians - not that she's old herself for goodness sake.

And then I'd just have to invite Jacqueline Du Pre - another passionate woman with extraordinary talent, and a very interesting woman - she'd add a bit of spice I reckon! I'm not sure I'd get a word in edgeways with these three though!

If you had to play another instrument, what would it be?

Piano, I really wish I had learned as a youngster. 

What was the first record you ever bought?

'I Believe' by the Bachelors - I shudder with horror just to think of it now! In my defence, I was very keen on close harmony when I was a child - I used to make up parts to nursery rhymes and make my two younger sisters sing them!

What’s your favourite music venue in Sheffield and why?

St. Marie's cathedral without a doubt. It has the most exquisite acoustic. I used to sing the psalm there at Sunday Mass and the way the building catches hold of your voice and sends it round the space is truly magical. The Kings Singers sang there a few years ago and they were so impressed they want to come and record there, and the Tallis Scholars are back for a second concert on 16 December. It's definitely the best place to hear choral singing.

What's your first musical memory?

Hearing my Mum sing Irish songs and 'The Black Hills of Dakota' from Calamity Jane. She had a really beautiful soprano voice and I loved to hear her sing round the house. I also remember hearing Rossini's Thieving Magpie overture on our record player. I was about five and couldn't believe my ears, especially that really exciting bit at the end - it still thrills me to this day.

Who has been your most inspiring music teacher?

I'm not sure any have been inspiring, but I remember one of my music teachers at school in Blackburn with great fondness; she was a friend of Kathleen Ferrier's and was a quiet but encouraging influence.

In your opinion, which other ensemble/musician in Sheffield is doing great things?

I love the passion of Juan Ortuno, Musical Director of the Sheffield Symphony Orchestra. It's quite clear that he adores his work with the orchestra, and they are very lucky to be able to have a weekly dose of excitement from this very special person. If I played an instrument I'd be there like a shot! 

Sell your next concert to us in one sentence.

Sheffield Bach Choir are joined by terrific soloists including rising Sheffield stars Ella Taylor and Anna Harvey to sing Bach's rich and personal masterpiece, the St Matthew Passion, on Saturday 3 March - be there.

Hear Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus sing Mozart's Requiem on Saturday 3 February; written on his deathbed and unfinished, it's one of the most haunting of choral masterpieces - don't miss it.

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