Moonlight and Roses

Elizabeth Charlesworth & Hugh Finnigan
Group type: Soloists
  • Wednesday 13 March
    1.00 – 1.30pm
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A short programme of songs about flowers – mostly roses and their meanings. From Mozart’s mini-opera in two minutes to a posy of Quilter songs to finish, taking in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. The programme includes a few favourites such as ‘Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal’ and the lesser sung ‘The Fuchsia Tree’, a Manx ballad.

Flowers, and particularly roses, have been use through the ages as symbols of love. The lover is likened to a rose - 'My Love is Like a ...' and is a recognised herald of the Virgin Mary, as in the mediaeval poem 'There is no rose of such virtue like to the rose that bare Jesu'. Sometimes a poet will be very explicit in his description of love but hides it behind the seeming innocence of the flower - Tennyson's 'Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal'. Roses carry messages - Quilter's 'Go Lovely Rose', but where would the rose be without its companion the moon?


Elizabeth Charlesworth (soprano) and Hugh Finnigan (piano)


  • Mozart: Das Veilchen
  • Schubert: Haidenroslein
  • Faure: Les Roses d'Ispahan
  • Irish: The Rose of Tralee
  • The Last Rose of Summer
  • Moeran: Rosefrail
  • Scottish: My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
  • Quilter: Go Lovely Rose
  • A Last Year's Rose
  • The Fuchsia Tree
  • Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal

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