Albion Choir

Sheffield's unique choral group, singing familiar music in a new way

Albion sings quirky arrangements that use the incredible power of the human voice to dance sound around the venue, creating a captivatingly intimate vocal performance.

While some of the songs and words might be deeply, anciently familiar, Fraser Wilson’s colourful reimaginings mean you’ll hear them in a sparkling new light, with music ranging from WB Yeats’ He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven to What The World Needs Now, and Greensleeves to Carol Ann Duffy’s September 2014.

Performing and collaborating with all kinds of people, Albion’s purpose is to forge connections, create beauty, and in its own way, help to change the world through music.

Whether or not you know what to expect, you are invited to join the Albion family for a moving, uplifting, and thoroughly beautiful experience of choral music-making.

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