First Position Strings

Ensemble-playing workshops for adult beginners

Have you started to learn to play an instrument recently, or are you a returning, rather rusty, player? Perhaps your aim is to join an orchestra? These workshops will give you the opportunity to experience playing a part within a string ensemble and to practice the skills required for successful ensemble-playing.

The workshops are for players of violin, viola, cello and double bass, approximately Grade 1 - 5 standard, who have never played in an ensemble before, or have had very little experience of playing in an ensemble.

We tackle a number of pieces in a variety of styles, in simple keys. We start with short, easy-to-sightread pieces, before tackling longer and more complicated arrangements that need more than one rehearsal to get together. There are a number of different parts to choose from, of varying levels of difficulty, and we only play music in first position!

Although we work to make the music sound as good as possible, the emphasis is firmly on enjoying learning how to play together rather than working on technical aspects. We have a break mid-afternoon for everyone to get to know each other, and light refreshments are provided.

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Twitter: @1stPosStrings

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