Hailu Ni

Hailu Ni, a soprano from China, is currently a PhD student in Musicology at the University of Manchester. She completed an MA in Music Performance Studies at the University of Sheffield. She has actively participated in various competitions and achieved excellent results. For example, she received the third prize in International Music Competition ‘Salzburg’ Grand Prize Virtuoso in 2020, the first prize (voice) in the International Music Competition Brussels ‘Grand Prize Virtuoso’ in 2019 and so on.

She has successfully held individual solo concerts and performed in China, Britain, and Japan. She specialises in singing vocal works by Mozart, Beethoven and Rossini. Hailu, a dedicated and passionate soprano with an enchanting voice, invites listeners and performers alike to experience the beautiful melodies and poetic texts of songs.

Hailu is looking forward to collaborating with musicians.

You can contact her at: hlvocalmusic0728@163.com

Facebook business page: Hailu Ni

Instagram: Hailu Ni

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