Hardy Violins

Hardy Violins
From her workshop in Sheffield, Emma crafts violins and violas, as well as offering a range of repair services for both professional musicians and enthusiasts.

Having initially studied violin making and repair under the tutelage of Keith Graves at Merton College, London, Emma’s professional development has also been enriched by work placements and short courses with experienced makers and repairers across the UK.

An active participant of the British Violin Making Association (BVMA) since 2018, Emma serves as the current editor of the BVMA’s Quarterly Magazine, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge within the community.

Now immersed in Sheffield’s vibrant music scene, Emma plays with the Soundpost’s folk group and the Endcliffe Amateur Orchestra. She is also the subject of the film Folk Who Roam. Currently in production, this short documentary explores the connection between folk music, creativity and the importance of the right to roam in the countryside.


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