Opera On Location

Bringing high quality opera to unusual spaces!

Opera on Location, created after the success of the production of 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' (Benjamin Britten) in August 2013, is a new vibrant opera company based in Sheffield with one simple aim: to perform exciting operas in real locations.

Kathryn Gasic and Gareth Lloyd, the company founders, produced and self-funded the production, which took place in the Winter Garden, as part of the 'A Boy Was Born' festival hosted by The University of Sheffield. After receiving critical acclaim for their sell-out run of the Britten opera, they decided to create the company in order to repeat this successful approach to opera performance.

"We are passionate about opera, and are keen to share this passion with our audience. Our 'on-location' performances are intimate - taking you right to the centre of the action by giving you a real sense of being inside the story."

How to get involved

Email us at info@operaonlocation.co.uk to find out about our upcoming performances and to join our mailing list.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @operaonlocation

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