Classical Sheffield needs YOU to make our future happen!

Get involved in one of the new Subgroups to help keep making music!

We’ve finished our consultative strategic review of Classical Sheffield and established our new Charity structure, and now we can get on with making the music happen!

Now is the PERFECT time for EVERYONE in Classical Sheffield (that is all Music Makers, Promoters, Venues, Partners, and everyone else) to think about how they could contribute to (and benefit from) Classical Sheffield through the new Subgroups.

Creating the Subgroups is a key move which gives EVERYONE from around the network the opportunity to lend their skills and time to make it all happen. An outline of the groups is below; click here for the full details.

Please volunteer for one of the groups if you can! Classical Sheffield needs four proactive, vibrant, varied groups of people at work.

To express interest, please email Steve Terry (CS administrator) [a.classicalsheffield @ without the spaces - or just click on the link] as soon as possible, saying which group you would like to be part of and why.

Groups will meet for the first time in mid November.     


Membership Subgroup (Chair: Judith Sunderland)

EXPLORE how Classical Sheffield engages with current members, how it attracts new members, and how it promotes and develop opportunities to strengthen Classical Music-making across Sheffield as a whole.

Strategic Marketing and PR Subgroup (Chair: Fraser Wilson)

ENABLE Classical Sheffield to be the voice of classical music-making across the city and beyond, working to embed Classical Sheffield as the recognised brand for classical music making across the city, developing key partnerships, and spotlighting areas of strength.

Event Planning, Programming, and Publicity Subgroup (Chair: Stewart Campbell)

FACILITATE making the music, finding ways to enrich the city’s cultural vibrancy through shaping a high quality classical music-making offer.  Explore how to develop programmes of work across the city to cultivate engagement, and increase and diversify participation.

Finance and Fundraising Subgroup (Chair: Anne Adams)

LEAD on budgeting and forecasting, ensuring effective cost control, monitoring and reporting.  Seek to increase financial resilience, diversify income streams, and oversee fundraising efforts to help Classical Sheffield support more music, in more places, with, and for, more people.

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