University of Sheffield Concerts

A Sheffield home for musical discovery, learning, and participation.

We promote 100 concerts and musical events annually to public audiences, more than any other organisation in the city. With scores of international and award-winning performers, a kaleidoscope of choirs, collectives, composers, conductors, and ensembles of all shapes and sizes, we have something to astonish and delight music lovers of all tastes and ages. Our music-making consists of four main clusters, represented by the four interlinked rings in our logo. Consider these clusters as musical spaces or homes, and opportunities for you to discover and experiment with a range of musical styles and genres, be that music you already love, or something completely unfamiliar and brand new.

A Sheffield destination for the best in world, roots and folk music.

Global Soundtracks is where cultures collide and adventures in musical discovery begin, with inspirational music from far-flung corners of the globe. It's growing in popularity and profile and has put University of Sheffield Concerts on the map as a place to explore some of the diverse international talent the world has to offer.

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Electrifying performances from the cutting edge

A Sheffield destination for groundbreaking music of the modern age…executing electrifying performances and championing musical innovators and pioneers, the Sound Laboratory will open your ears (and eyes) to whole new worlds of sounds and experiences.

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An epic journey in song.

Song is at the very humanity of music-making - it is how we convey and express meaning and passion, how we tell stories, and how we understand ourselves and one another. SongMakers is our platform for all things singing, languages, poetry and verse.

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Showcasing a city of music-makers.

In Sheffield we're proud to boast a city of talented music-makers. From performances from the community, University of Sheffield student orchestras, choirs, conductors and soloists, and widening access and outreach projects with 1000s of school children across the city...Forged in Sheffield celebrates some of the best emerging talent the city has to offer.

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