Elizabeth Lees


Introducing one of our dedicated events group member and volunteer - Elizabeth Lees! Alongside her busy schedule, Elizabeth is busy making, experiencing and discovering music within the city. Let's get to know her more...

Do you play any instruments/sing? If so are you involved with any Sheffield groups?

I play the violin (although I’m a bit rusty) and I sing. At the moment I have just sung in church choirs and played in an orchestra at one of them. I’m looking to join the Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra this September.

What is your fondest musical memory?

Probably playing Mozart’s Requiem with Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Orchestra when I was at university. It’s one of my favourite pieces to play and sing. That particular space is so interesting to play in due to its 7 second echo.

Do you have a favourite composer, if so who and why?

I really like the choral composer Ola Gjelio, his music is beautiful and the harmonies are so slushy, I love it! I also have soft spots for Elgar and Parry - wonderful British music that can be so powerful and evoke lots of emotion.

What is your favourite music venue in Sheffield?

St Marie’s is a beautiful venue to perform in and attend concerts, but I thought Kelham Island Museum was a great space during the Classical Sheffield weekend with its flexibility and acoustics. Yellow Arch is also really great with the courtyard and its quirkiness. There is the option for more of social atmosphere, a good thing to have at a venue.

Which other musicians/ensembles are doing great things in Sheffield?

I’m always impressed with Vivacity every time I see them. There’s such a wide range of repertoire which is appealing and exciting. Concerteenies concerts are also great as professional musicians perform to babies and toddlers in an informal concert. Introducing music at such a young age can have all kinds of benefits and can lead to an appreciation of music in their later lives. it’s something that should be encouraged.

Which 3 musical guests would you invite to a dinner party?

Adele, Handel and Elgar - imagine the sounds from that!

What has been the best concert you've seen in Sheffield?

I loved the Kuljit Bhamra and Endcliffe Orchestra at the Classical Weekend, the fusion of sounds was just incredible! I also really enjoyed the Serenade with E360 which was part of the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival. I heard some new pieces that were stuck in my head for days!

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