Sarah Roberts


Meet Sarah, one of Sheffield's many talented young musicians. Later in June at the Bradfield Festival of Music Sarah will collaborate with Albion in a celebration of all that's good about Sheffield music-making.

When, and why, did you start making music?

I went to a concert that my older sister was in with the Music Hub when I was around 7, and one of the groups playing was a flute ensemble. I knew the girl playing first flute and remember thinking something along the lines of 'I would love to be sat up in her seat one day'. I was so excited to start lessons!

Tell us about one of your favourite musical experiences?

Too many to list but the two that spring to mind - playing with the flute choir in multiple concerts at the City Hall and singing a collective piece with all the music groups at the end of the concert. There's something about singing and playing in front of a big audience in a venue I know so well that I know I won't forget. I'm also very excited to be touring with Sheffield Music Hub's Festival Band to Germany this summer in the Bach Festival!

What do you think it will be like to play on the opening night at the Bradfield Festival?

Fun but nerve-wracking! Definitely different to anything I've played in before. I've always played in a concert as a team member of a bigger unit, rather than being a soloist, but I'm really excited to be playing alongside Albion and Thomas as well.

Why are you collaborating with Albion, and what do you think the audience can expect?

I remember hearing Albion perform in the Sheffield Millennium Gallery a few years ago and loving their sound. It's surreal to be playing with them now at such a big festival - I don't think anyone would turn down this opportunity! The audience is in for such a treat to hear Albion; I'm excited to be listening to them perform too!

Congratulations on becoming a Music Hub Award Winner! Do you think it will help your career (and if so, how)?

Hopefully - when I go to university I would like to join an orchestra and get involved with as much music making as possible! I'm honoured to be a Music Hub Award Winner and The Music Hub has undoubtedly improved my musicianship over the years. I feel privileged to have been a part of it for so long!

After you finish exams, what are you looking forward to in the future?

In the short term - summer and freedom from exams (for now)! I'm excited to work and travel next year on my gap year and look forward to university where I hope to study languages. I also look forward to more music making in the future! Oh, I'm also looking forward to getting a new flute - maybe an extravagant post A Level treat!

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