Spotlight On...Sounds of the City


As the new concert series on the block, we caught up with 'Sounds of the City' organiser, Elizabeth Lees, to find out all about this exciting new venture!

Can you tell us a bit about how 'Sounds of the City' came about?

We are exploring ways of using the church building and we thought that running a concert series would be a good way of increasing our presence in the city centre. We wanted to offer something slightly different to other concerts in Sheffield, so we offer pastries and coffee audience members.

What makes St Matthew's Church, Carver Street an ideal venue for this series?

Although we are tucked away on a side street, we are situated in the heart of Sheffield City Centre so we are very easy to get to. The church is open daily for worship and many passers-by pop in to have a look around, light candles or sit quietly. We are next to The Art House and the Tea Studio café which attracts a lot of customers so there are nearly always people around. The formats of the concerts work really well as people often look for things to do on a Saturday morning – there are no other concerts in Sheffield at this time of day.

Who have you got lined up for the series?

Our next concert on Saturday 29th February will be with the Sheffield Lydian Singers who are treating us to an array of European choral music. In March we have got a small brass cohort from Endcliffe Orchestra which will be a different experience. In April, we have Sinsontes who will bring a touch of Spanish heat to a Saturday in spring. In later months we have Crescent Recorders, Sheffield Viola Ensemble, Octogenesis and other performers to be announced. If anyone would like to perform, please get in touch!

What kind of experience can people expect when they come to a concert?

A relaxed atmosphere. There are coffee and pastries upon arrival for audience members which apparently is very civilised! We want people to feel at home and feel welcome so this gives them the chance to mill around beforehand or sit quietly if they wish. The concerts are held late-morning and last around 45 minutes. This leaves enough time for people to get into the city centre before, come to the concert, then go about the rest of their day. From the musician’s perspective, it is the opportunity for them to perform in an informal and friendly setting.

Sell the next concert to us in 3 words!

Contrasting, brass, coffee!

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