Abbeydale Picture House

The Abbeydale Picture House is an incredible, faience tile-clad 1920s cinema that sits on the apex of Abbeydale Road in Sheffield. Opened originally in 20 December 1920, it was the largest and most luxurious cinema in Sheffield, often referred to as the “Picture Palace” because of the luxurious cream and gold colour scheme. The cinema had seating for 1,560 people and also included a ballroom and a billiard hall.

Cine-variety played a major role at the Abbeydale until 1930 and the arrival of the “talkies” talking films; from this time the stage was used purely to house the sound equipment. In the mid-1950s the cinema was purchased by the Star Cinema Group which decorated the entire building and installed new projection and sound equipment, including a wide screen. The cinema closed on 5 July 1975 and was subsequently used as an office furniture
showroom until 1991.

Over a decade later, the rebirth of this amazing heritage site began – since then, the restoration project has been undertaken by multiple groups, including The Friends of Abbeydale Picture House, and the current owner Phil Robins with Hand Of.

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