Barker's Pool

Barker's Pool is situated between the Devonshire Quarter and Fargate and provides the setting for the City Hall.

Barker's Pool won Gold in the 2006 Town Centre Environment Awards run by the BCSC (British Council of Shopping Centres).

It features two large square glass-cased fountains, Yorkshire stone paving and seating areas around the edge, all of which is lit up at night to create a spectacular effect.

The focus of the square is the Grade II listed 90 foot (27 m) tall First World War memorial that was unveiled in 1925.

Barker's Pool as known as Balm Green until 1434. It was originally a collecting point for a number of natural springs, and later developed into a major area for industry and retail. By the middle of the 19th century its role changed as industry moved to larger premises and was replaced by more culturally orientated buildings.

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