The organization emerged from the West Indies Association in the early 1955 and was formally constituted and became as is commonly known throughout the city as SADACCA (Sheffield and District African Caribbean Community Association) based at 48 Wicker Sheffield in 1986. This was the culmination of years of work from a dedicated first generation African and Caribbean members of the community, who saw a need to meet the socially, family and community needs of the African and Caribbean community at the time. Over the years the organization built up a reputation of being a multi-use space, inclusive and imbedded in the memories of many generations of people of growing up in Sheffield over the decades.

In 2015 the current directors at huge personal and financial risk to themselves took on the responsibility to gift back SADACCA to the community and save it from closure. The wealth of experience between the three of them covers education, probation service and community organizing – enabled a proactive plan focused on survival in the first 5 years to takes place. Review and address the debt issues it was straddled with review all stakeholder’s involvement, governance, management, debt management, impact of previous management decisions, accountability financials control.

It was agreed that when they took over ,initially they would need to stabiles the organization, which was undertook in the first 4 years up to and including 2019 and currently are transitioning into a period of regrowth and thriving but with the caveat there is still some significant work to do.

Placing the organization at the heart of the city in terms of its vision for the next 50 years , being fit for purposes for a new and refreshed offer to communities and being the anchor organization not only for those of African and Caribbean descent but being an inclusive and collaborative space reflected of the communities it serves and future generation of those early pioneers of the city.

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