Sound Laboratory: Crippled Symmetry

Richard Craig , Damien Harron & Philip Thomas
  • Friday 27 April
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Anatolian patterns and meditative sonic lines

Morton Feldman’s late, extended work, Crippled Symmetry, is a meditative, existential response to the urgencies and anxieties of modern life. Over about ninety minutes, the music quietly unfolds in rich and deceptive complexity. The piece was inspired by the intricate patterning of Anatolian rugs, Proust's transfiguring fog of memory, and by the perpetually evolving mobile-form sculptures of Alexander Calder.


Discover the most unique and innovative music around and join our experiments in the Sound Laboratory week-long take over...

Friday 20/Saturday 21:  Sound Junction - Cinema for the Ear
Monday 23 April: New Music Ensemble - From Sheffield's Cutting Edge
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Wednesday 25 April: Intended Inventions - A Kaleidoscopic Snapshot of Australia
Thursday 26 April: Ligeti Quartet - Sheffield Composes - More from Sheffield's Cutting Edge
Friday 27 April: Crippled Symmetry - Anatolian Patterns and Meditative Sonic Lines
Saturday 28 April: Rare Earth - Luminescent Fragility


Richard Craig (flute), Damien Harron (percussion) and Philip Thomas (piano, celeste)


  • Morton Feldman: Crippled Symmetry

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