Sinsontes & Friends

Group type: Chamber choirs

Part of the Classical Sheffield Weekend 2023

Sinsontes are a sixteen person group with a passion for singing four-part works in Spanish, and occasionally Latin and Catalan.

The name 'Sinsontes' derives from the native Mexican name for the famously melodious mockingbird mentioned in one of our songs.

Sinsontes repertoire, inspired by its roots in Sheffield University’s Spanish Department Choir and the Socialist Choir’s links with Cuban music festivals, embraces the whole of the Spanish-speaking world with particular focus on 15th/16th century Spain and modern Cuba.

Sinsontes are thrilled to continue their year on year involvement in Classical Sheffield’s Festivals.

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De Cuba para La Habana

El arroyo que murmura (acc. Catherine Carr, guitar)

Prado verde

El cant dels ocells (acc. Angela Schatzberger, cello)

Alexandra, Tony and George

La aldeana: Alexandra Robinson, acc. George Parsons, piano

Oración a las madres: Alexandra Robinson, acc. George Parsons, piano

La Paloma: Tony Trippett, acc. George Parsons, piano

La revoltosa: Alexandra Robinson and Tony Trippett, acc. George Parsons, piano


En la Macarenita

Dulce embeleso

Iré a Santiago

Que tinguem sort (acc. Catherine Carr, guitar)

Plegaria a un labrador

Doors: 10.45am / Start: 11am

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